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Default Re: Looks like my GTX260 needs to be RMA =(

Originally Posted by Ghosthunter View Post

ok so i dont get it...the cables were not loose..and the card was seated properly..i mean it was screwed in?

is it just random? will the problem come back?
just because it was screwed in doesn't mean it was seated properly. my cooler master stacker has a manufacture defect where the motherboard tray is a bit crooked. everytime i install a new expansion card it takes 10-30 minutes to get it in properly.

i could replace the motherboard tray and don't have that problem but i called cooler master and serial number of the case matches. but don't have the receipt so no help from them.

anyway back to your issue. XFX has lifetime warranty if your problem is gone now keep testing, if it comes back contact them again.
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