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Default [177.70] Problems again with latest KDE and xorg

1) I am having again serious performance problems which makes my desktop unusable. My configuration:

- Driver 177.70 with Geoforce 8400M GS (OpenSuse Factory) (all recomended performance options applied)
- Kde 4.1.64 (latest trunk). I think we are about to release KDE 4.1.1 in a few days, so I presume you will get some bad press again nivida.
- xorg-x11 7.3 (opensuse build 168.4)
- xorg-x11-server 7.3 (opensuse build 155.5)

I have to say that during KDE 4.1.63 and Nvidia 177.70 everything improved a lot (but not to the point to say that performance was good). But now my desktop is unusable again.

2) The bad performance of NVidia makes my laptop (dell xps m1330) die due to temperature even with patched bios (A12). I presume this is due to:
- the inherent temperature problems of nvidia defective GPU (not related only to Linux systems)
- the defective Nvidia drivers on Linux, which makes the CPU do tasks related to the graphic card

I am very dissapointed with NVidia. Even if performance and temperature problems are corrected, I will NEVER buy a system again without decent Open Source drivers. At the moment I think only Intel is supporting Open Source at that level.
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