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Default Re: RivaTuner v2.10 released!

* Updated license agreement. New license agreement explicitly restricts publishing any links to RivaTuner on homepage or in discussion forums.
Originally Posted by EciDemon View Post
Erm ... whats that all about?
Unwinder added that to the RivaTuner 2.09 license because he was upset over troll/spam posts in our P&R forums over the Russia/Georgia situation. The comments were blatantly sarcastic/lewd as are many comments in the P&R forum, but that is why that forum exists. It's a stomping ground for highly opinionated discussion whether those opinions be right, wrong, or indifferent. Unwinder didn't like the generalized comments about Russia/Georgia and called for moderation; as no personal attacks were made on any individual there was no moderation necessary.

Apart from a lawsuit, which I don't believe would even stand up in court for more then two seconds, the addition has no meaning other then to discourage people from visiting nVNews because someone got their panties in tizzy and believed us all to be a bunch of haters.

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