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Default Re: Which is better LED-DLP or LCD?

Originally Posted by betterdan View Post
Yea as far as I know DLP still has better blacks than LCD.

I did think of another downside to DLP though if it affects you that is. Some see rainbows of color from the color wheel spinning on a DLP set. I could see them from time to time on really dark backgrounds with bright white objects if I scanned the image on the screen left to right like when the credits roll on a movie. Since I started wearing my glasses (dammit I'm getting old). haven't noticed them. My wife and kids have never noticed them at all and think I am nuts hehe.
LED DLP is supposed to get rid of that phenomenon because it doesn't use a color wheel like the bulb ones did. The LEDs are the source of the color and light.
Hope that helps.
Correct on the rainbows, There are 3 LEDs red-blue-green no more color wheels. On a funny note why is it that only men see the small problems with a tv's picture. I can see problems plain as day but my wife just laughs and says she can't see it at all. My wife could barely see the difference between HD-DVD and a regular DVD it drove me nuts. To me its a huge difference.
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