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Default Re: Looks like my GTX260 needs to be RMA =(

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
that is why i hate my stacker case. should have returned it on day one. but it was gift and it would make the person feel bad, so decided to live with this nightmare

sooner or later i will replace it for nice Lian-Li

my case is a lian-li...but has a removable mobo tray lian-li, and i love my case so easy to work in, one reason why i got it

i can see if i open my case a lot..or move my desktop a lot...but once i got it all up and running it not like i moved it a lot...or i can see if my desk moves a lot or i am in an earthquake zone..LOL

I am stickler for wanting to know why!!!

i guess the only thing it just never was securely fit in the first place and maybe over time it just shift somehow even though it was screwed in beats me..or maybe the heat moved it??? i noticed when i shutdown the PC the card was so hot to touch i had to wait a while before i can even touch it to remove the card.

well will see when i get home tonight what happens
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