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Default Re: Which is better LED-DLP or LCD?

Originally Posted by mullet View Post
Correct on the rainbows, There are 3 LEDs red-blue-green no more color wheels. On a funny note why is it that only men see the small problems with a tv's picture. I can see problems plain as day but my wife just laughs and says she can't see it at all. My wife could barely see the difference between HD-DVD and a regular DVD it drove me nuts. To me its a huge difference.

I haven't watched any football or anything yet on this new set, but watching some MMA and I didn't notice any ghosting... Only ghosting I have noticed was when I was playing Warhawk and I had AMP set to high (I think it was high... maybe medium) and the crosshairs would ghost... but I just turned AMP off and it didn't happen.
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