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Default Re: Looks like my GTX260 needs to be RMA =(

Originally Posted by Ghosthunter View Post
well this is what XFX said

so i decided to open up my PC take out my video card unplug the power cables and recede them

now dont get me wrong the video card was secure in the pci slot. i replugged it in.

Booted back up ran furmark for about 10 minutes, no crashes or freezes or artifacts, ran 3damrk2006 no problems, and been playing EQ2 for about 2 hours so far no crashes...

ok so i dont get it...the cables were not loose..and the card was seated properly..i mean it was screwed in?

is it just random? will the problem come back?
Fan vibration could have moved it just enough, it doesn't take much if it isn't completely seated.

I hope it solved for you. As stated, RMAs can be a royal pain.
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