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Oh, sorry something has been going wrong with my response. Well

You wrote resolution "7024x768" , either this is a misprint or you
mean 1024x768.

Well it's a bit confusing indeed. NVIDIA_kernel-1.0.2960.tar.gz
contains source code. Read the passage in the README where you are
advised to enter "cd ../NVIDIA_kernel... ", etc....
So there is a problem with your compiler on your system.
enter "gcc -v" and , if a you get a "command not found" it is very
likely that the gcc-package is perhaps not installed.If you are going to install
it you must also install the complete kernel sources of your Rh 7.2.
But you don't need a compiler to run Linux and or the nvidia drivers
whenever all programs, drivers, modules, etc,..are precompiled and linked.
Try to download those RPM-packages with precompiled drivers for RedHat 7.2
and follow the instructions there.
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