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Default Re: 177.70 (BETA) for Linux discussion & problems thread

I am not sure what it does but I definitely like the results. I was seeing improved performance with the newest drivers and settings, but things like cairo-dock still rendered very slowly when my cpu scaled down. I was randomly playing around when I noticed that IPP could be changed from 1-4. If 2 was better than 1, I figured 3 should be great. Well I have to say it is!!! It has fixed all the speed problems I was seeing with Compiz and my 9600gt card. I then tried 4 and found it dog slow again. hmmm.. Oh well back to 3. Hope it helps someone else out, or the devs to figure something out. Let me know if I can provide any information.

I take that back. Seems like 3 acts very much like 1. Cairo-dock very fast and smooth, moving windows smooth, resizing windows very slow and jerky. I still think I like 1 and 3 better than 2 but it isn't perfect.

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