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Just sold my PNY 5800 Ultra and got an Albatron 5900PV. I was able to get it to overclock to 475/932 without problems. I have seen an increase across the board in performance, especially with AA/AF enabled. This is not to say that the 5800 sucked. On the contrary, I think it was an excellent card. I just had a friend who was running a Ti4600 that wanted to upgrade and I was curious to see if the extra bandwith would make a difference. It did. I think you will see that the 5800/5900 cards will really shine when DX9 games start hitting stride in the next few months, based on how the demos for Aquanox 2 and Tron 2.0 run on my system. The next few months are going to be great for PC gamers.
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