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Default 177.70 (BETA) WINE Slowness

I am testing the new 177.70 beta driver and have found that it significantly improves KDE4 performance and stability. What I have run into is this:

When playing movies in mplayer, using the nv driver is choppy and has black boxes throughout it when using the desktop effects in KDE4. Changing the driver to gl2 solves this. I'm not sure if this is the recommended solution but it works for me.

In WINE, I am having absolutely horrid performance with opengl rendering of direct x. Playing Heroes of Might and Magic IV, it just crawls at around 2 frames a second in battle. Downgrading wine had no effect. I know this ran smoothly in previous wine and previous nvidia driver but have not had time to test the driver.

Any suggestions or is this something others are seeing? I spoke to some other people on Linux and they said that their glxgears frame rate dropped dramatically with this driver so it doesn't seem that this is completely unknown. For them, .68 does not have this issue.

Rusty Nejdl
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