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Default Re: GTR Evolution [simbin]

I just got GTR-Evo and gave it a quick try, and it looks good.

Just a few notes about the disc install, you are given 3 options, Install Online mode (where you can play against others), Offline mode (no multiplayer at all), or both. The both option is really unnecessary as you get all the options with the online mode but you will eat up extra HD space for the offline mode install. Online mode installs steam if you don't have it already and will ask for your serial number. Once associated to your steam account it is permanent so you won't be able to sell the game anymore without selling the steam account you associated the game with. Now the thing with steam is, when I entered my serial it automatically associated to my steam account. That isn't a big deal for me as I won't be selling the game, but it doesn't ask you if you want the game associated with that account or a new one, it ASSUMES that whatever default account you have with steam is the one you will be associating the game too. Not sure how you would get around this other than maybe making another steam user then logging into it before installing this game.

I didn't give it a long play test yet but it is really nice. The one thing that really stood out for me is the sound fx are really a LOT better than GTR2.

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