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Default Re: Which is better LED-DLP or LCD?

Originally Posted by betterdan View Post
The DLP bulbs for the Samsung sets are $400? Wow! The one for my Mitsubishi is $139.

Also Directv has switched all their HD to Mpeg 4 on their newest satellite and they are not compressing it even half as much as it was before. The HD now looks excellent and they have the most HD channels as of now. The SD on the other hand still looks like over compressed poop.
Directv and Dish are starting to send out 1080P 24 movies via PPV too which is kind of ground breaking. Directv is still beta testing theirs.
Last time I looked, comparing lamp vs LED sets.

At that time, they were damn expensive and heavily back ordered.
Part of the reason I wrote off lamp based DLP. (that and the color wheel)
Hopefully that are much cheaper now. (I have no desire/reason to check)

Next up and comer: laser based rear projection.

My preference still would have been SED, but that got caught up in the lawyers over patents and contract disputes.

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