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Default Re: Which is better LED-DLP or LCD?

Originally Posted by mullet View Post
Cool, it was superklye's thread that informed me of the led projection in the first place. I want to get the 67" but its a little big for my room so the 61" is probable what I will get HOPEFULLY soon I have to work on the wife a little harder.
Take her to best buy (or similar)

Show her the 61" Sony plasma (approx $5000 or more)
Then show her the 61A750 LED DLP. (at $1800 on sale, check 'BigRiver' mail order)
  • Make big statement about how you would prefer the more advanced Sony technology, but agree that is just way too much to spend.
  • Then go into the stability and dependability of the <cough> older technology and that this one is a 2nd generation: much safer purchase.
  • Be the self sacrificing hero.
  • Have major football party.
  • start secretly saving for rest of Blu-Ray and audio upgrade

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