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Default Re: Price keeps falling! BfG GTX 280 for $384.99!

you'll have the fastest yet cheapest setup to run crysis between 50-60fps at 1920x1200 vh dx10 with a gtx 260 tri-sli setup for $750. I'm sure warhead will run even faster with optimizations in its engine. connect these babies onto a 780i mobo and E8500 overclocked over 4ghz with 4 gigs cheap ddr2-800.

780i mobo - $250
GTX 260 (3) - $750
DDR2 800 4 gigs - $100
E8500 - $200
Quality over 1kw PS - $300
High electric bill - priceless
Room gets hotter from the 3 GTX 260s - turn on ac - even higher electric bill

Approx $1600. Nice fast upgrade that won't break the bank until the utility bill rolls in
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