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Default Re: Furmark cause major overheating on GTX 280?

I wonder if people have considered that perhaps furmark and not their graphics card is faulty?
Interesting thought.

Honestly, I never expected my GTX 260 (or whatever card I ended up with) to be able to handle temps without having them run out of control. To me, it's another ATI Tray Tools Artifact tester-type app. Run it and watch your card eventually melt. I was never able to run Ray's articfact tester for long periods of time on my X1900GT or X1950XT with stock or aftermarket heatsinks.

My solution to FurMark - don't run it. If your games are playing fine, why bother? But I do see some "uncomfortable" game temps being reporting in this thread.

I think my GTX 260 hit 80C in FurMark and was still climbing when I said "okay, we're done" and stopped it. I can't remember if it's fan was pegged at 100% or not - it probably was but I'll try again.

The highest I've seen my GTX 260 in a game was 70C in ArmA with fan at 75%. In many other games (including ArmA when in a city), the card doesn't break 60C - at that fan speed.
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