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Default Re: How much power does it take on each connection of the GTX 280

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
That is one of the main questions I wanted a answer for ,how much power each connector needed or used.I was always just curious of the 8pin PCIe because I would have thought it use a extra 12v plug instead of just two added negative plugs.I don't understand how it provides more power ,It looks to me that a 6pin PCIe would be enough if they are not useing no more 12v lines.I was'nt going to use two GTX280 in SLI ,I never had any problems with my 8800GTS 640mb running in SLI.It is going to be my Birthday on the 18 of this month and my mother surprised me and bought me a GTX280 ,so I guess I will run SLI this time to.I have a SilverStone OP650watt that has 54amps on the 12v rail ,I will be useing that to power my secound GTX280 or the Slave one and one the main GTX280 I will be useing a 450watt(550watt Peak) Thermaltake ToughPower VGA PowerExpress that has 38amps (46amps Peak) so all together I should have around 92amps for my system.All the reviews I have seen have been good on the TT 450watt VGA Epress.One guy is running both of his GTX280's on it and he says he has'nt had one problem and others that are running two GTX280's have not had any problems either,but they are just running one off it and the other off there main power supply,so I am hoping I don't .It comes with a 5 year warranty and it is just $69.It saved me over $200 not haveing to buy a bigger power supply.It looks like a good setup ,they even have a 650watt version for $109 but it is twice as big and I did'nt need that much more power.I will have Three 8pin PCIe and Four 6pin PCIe.I will not be useing no adaptors.
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