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Default Re: Please stop that bashing...

Originally Posted by txf View Post
It probably won't... The new fixes are to address the usage of the 3d core by the linux driver in order to accelerate xrender and desktop usage. The problem with nvidia has never been the 3d core driver which is reaaally fast. Games like UT use the 3d core through opengl and that is why on 3d benchmarks of games that run on both windows and linux are comparable for both oses.

Now for 2d desktop acceleration using xrender this part is not using platform agnostic code, it is using linux/x11 specific code which what they said they would be optimising. So basically what I'm saying is don't get your hopes up...
I just want to report that with the 177.70 drivers my performance in UT2k4 is now excellent. I believe there had to be a fix in the beta drivers. The game now runs flawlessly. Of course the desktop performance is also vastly improved with the new 2D performance enhancements. The beta 177.70 drivers are simply awesome as far as I can tell.
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