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Default Re: Please stop that bashing...

I have a geforce 7300GT card and before I had a radeon 9600. Well, I always said that I would have never bought again ATI because I didn't like ATI drivers. I saw every day filckerings with compiz, I could not use xvideo extension and see a film and these very well known problems have never been solved. I think that even if you make me pay 1 dollar/euro for a card, it has to work. You have not to make me do the tester, your card MUST work because you are selling it and people are giving you money!
Now I think that nvidia is doing the same as ATI or even worse because they are not releasing hardware specs giving the possibility of an open source driver.
Well, I also think that who makes video cards must deserve the success.
So if I will notice that intel or ATI cards are working better and have a better driver, next time I will buy them, not nvidia. Currently I think the best is intel because the driver works perfectly (probably because it's open source), but nvidia has still some month to make me change idea, solving the problem of windows titlebar artifacts (it's there since 169.07!!!!) and some other thing like the screen saver / stand by.
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