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Default Re: Samsung: "blu-ray has 5 years left"

Originally Posted by betterdan View Post
Dish and Directv have 1080P movies available for download onto your dvr now. Well Directv is beta testing but still.. I have Directv and downloaded The Bucket List in 1080P, took about 2 hours I think.
Yeah, I'm sure they'll be available here as well soon enough but they're not gonna take off until these download limits and bandwidth limits are eased off, something which as I say is going in the opposite direction at the moment here. Another thing my ISP does is limit the speed of P2P, video-streaming websites and gaming connections between 6pm and midnight so that between these times I only get half of my available bandwidth for these apps. ISPs claim that services like BBC iPlayer are grinding their networks to a halt, where the average half-hour program isn't much more than 100MB.

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
movies generaly are not that big, typical BD movie is 14-17GB, rest is multiple audio streams, bonus junk.
Yeah that's true, fair point, but that still means that on my connection with my ISP if I download 2 films like that during peak hours I will get that e-mail saying I'm excessively using the network and if I do it 2 months out of 4 then I'l have my net speed cut down to 512kbs or something.
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