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Default Re: Best BR dvd rom?

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
I had never found BD that looked better then HD-DVD so far, but i did find HD-DVDs that looked better then BD.

When a movie was released on HD-DVD first then they release BD later, right now they are re-using the same VC1 video stream. Also I noticed more and more BD movies are single layer with VC1 stream. Probably lower cost then Dual Layer.

In past when new movies where released on BD and HD-DVD at the same time. For some stupid reason they would use MPEG2 stream on BD and VC1 on HD-DVD.

MPEG2 steams require a lot higher bitrate and take up a lot more space, smaller VC1 files often either look about the same, or better.
While this is true one of the best BD's (quality-wise) I've seen to date is Black Hawk Down and it was done w/MPEG-2. At the end of the day it's all about good mastering regardless of what codec is used, however having an actual codec standard in BD would make life 20x easier, IMHO. But no such luck hehe. One thing I hate are the seamless BD's, backing up my BD copy of Waiting was such a pain thankgod for apps like BDEdit & eac3to-and-more-GUI, seamless BD backup would be so hard without them.
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