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Default Re: Samsung: "blu-ray has 5 years left"

Originally Posted by XDanger View Post
BT have only recently decided to invest ELEVENTYBILLIONDOLLARS!!! Into fiber optics.

100gb connection by 2012, Blu-Ray can die then.

Virgin will beat them to it though.

Very stupid not to share resources.
Do people steal Fiber-Optic cable, Thats expensive right?
Yeah, and what difference will 100Mbit connections make with BT's absolute 40GB monthly cap or contention ratios that mean that when you actually want to use the internet (i.e. in the evening when you are home from work) then it will barely run any faster than the connection you have now. I'm highly sceptical of BTs ability to provide any kind of decent service, however much money they throw at it. We've seen BT control most of our ADSL services for a decade now and its been a complete sham.

Originally Posted by Lyme View Post
Shaw Cable (for cable tv) does a on-demand movie service, some of the movies are HD. The bandwidth doesn't count towards your internet cap.

Shaw Cable (for internet) has a monthly cap of 60gigs (aggregate), which is enough to grab a number of HD movies off (as a example) xbox live (HD movie sizes are ~5gig).

Note: Comcast has announced they are capping at 250gig a month.

As for digital distribution goes, I'd love to move from cd/dvd's to that, if I could only find the stuff I want to watch in my region. eg: I like some British shows that are not availible here.
Are the xbox live videos as good quality as a BR/HD-DVD though? Are they even 1080p or just 720p? As I said, it could all work out well across the pond, but then translating that here will take much longer than it should and the end product won't even match up. Just like our p!ss-poor rollout of HD broadcasting despite the fact we have had nationwide digital satellite and terrestrial TV for longer than most other countries.

Originally Posted by einstein_314 View Post
And if you pay extra for Xtreme-1 Shaw Cable, you get a 100GB/month limit Like me
100GB/month AT PEAK TIMES (i.e. between 6pm and midnight) would be the minimum I think necessary for this kind of stuff to roll out properly.
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