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Default Re: Thin Blue Line - 6100 with FC9 & 1280x1024

I've run the 3 times (see attachment):

- first with the nvidia driver initialised first and I get the 1px screen (nvidia-bug-report-nvidianotworking.log)
- then with the vesa driver (nvidia-bug-report-vesaworking.log)
- then with the nvidia driver initialised after the vesa one, when it's working at 1280x1024

all of them started with : startx -- -verbose 6

I've also forwarded it to

@master2001 : it's the reason why I've made a script to automatically replace the xorg.conf versions, start x with vesa (you have to kill twm yourself), and start kdm after with the nvidia driver. Now it's almost as fast to start my X session as before.
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