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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

Originally Posted by ATOJAR View Post
There's a lot of AoC haters on this site! .... ive said this many times before, the game is still brand new, they are working on the PvPing & it will be updated in the near future .... yeah it has bugs but what MMORPG don't? ... even WoW still isn't flawless & thats been out years, AoC is only a few months old, still a baby in the MMORPG world, i love the game, beautiful graphics, landscape, the fighting system is a blast(not just press one button like wow) ... yeah the classes need balancing some more but i just wish people would give funcom a break while they work on it & the bugs in general, this game is not dead i guarantee that, ask in game if they like AoC and 99% of players say they love it more than wow & wont be playing war including me.(ive heard war is really boring)
Word....I dunno why people have problems with it...but then again AoC is my first MMO...and I really like it.
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