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Default Re: Age of Conan Feedback thread

AoC is all show and no go.

We are haters of it because like you, we spent at least $50 on the retail game and at least $15 a month for a few months to give them time to fix things. We also may have beta tested it. A ton of features that were supposedly revolutionary, they didn't even include at launch or were too bugged out to be useful. The game was and still is not ready for launch. The investors just wanted to see a turn around on their money and forced the game out before it was ready.

WoW IS flawless in comparison to any other MMO out there except perhaps LOTRO. Developers like Funcom are too ignorant to realize that's what they need to compete with, a polished product. You can't release something half-assed and expect it to be competitive. The graphics and yearning for something new is what caused it to become popular so quickly, now people see how shallow of a game it is and how the developers are clueless, they aren't interested.

I really wish I could return this pile of **** and get my money back.
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