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Default Re: nvidia staff PLEASE definitively answer triple head/dual card questions

Hi there,

I know I'm bumping a pretty old thread here, but I'm having exactly the same issue as the original poster described, so it made sense.

However, the difference for me is that I do not want Xinerama on the third monitor. I'm going to be getting a fourth LCD soon, and have decided that sharing windows only between TwinView pairs will surfice in order to have compiz. So, right now, I've got 3 LCD's, two in a TwinView pair, one as a separate X screen.

Certain programs (like avant-window-navigator, or xfce4 panels), appear in the middle of, or span, the TwinView pair. However, running compiz on this configuration allows windows to maximise to each monitor rather than to maximise and span the TwinView.

Basically, longterm I want two TwinView pairs, short term I want 1 TwinView pair and 1 separate X screen. Additionally, my LCD resolutions are not identical.

I've seen some info indicating that this /may/ be a bug in the underlying gnome libraries, but I'm not entirely sure.

Any idea why this may be occuring?

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