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Default Re: Crysis and paging file

Originally Posted by NiukNiuk View Post
Rygel's mod is really great but it freezes the game on certain parts of some levels in my system maybe it's because I don't have enough video memory...
Rygel's mod can be used with CCC 2.21, Mster 3.01 or extreme quality mod.
I like CCC 2.21, it gives a cool warm lightning on some maps that I like (village, tank)
Rygel's texture mod demands I think 4 gigs minimum or be prepared for heavy page filing.

I noticed that the little green disk "loading" icon was flashing through 3 GPU benchmark runs. Tells me that it has a LOT of data to load.

Even with over 700mb video memory and 4 gigs of system memory availble with an X64 os, with page filing turned off, Vista will minimize crysis and tell me that the system is running low on memory. Does the same with HL2 cinematic mod 8 as well.

Turning on page filing and the errors go away... for me at least.
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