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Default xorg-server 1.5.0/177.70 - xvideo tearing


I just updated to xorg-server 1.5.0 since it hit the testing branch in gentoo. However, now when I'm watching a movie (in mplayer) with xv output, I'm getting tearing. I was first using dual monitors and wasn't sure if it was a sync to vblank problem, but I'm now using only one monitor and the problem persists. If I use -vo gl I don't get any tearing. Also downgrading back to xorg-server 1.4.2 gets rid of the tearing.

I don't really know if this is even an nvidia problem (or xorg or gentoo packaging), but I figured here would be a good place to post about it.


Edit: Hmm, seems to only affect mplayer. Installed xine and it works fine.
Edit2: It affects vlc also.
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