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Default Re: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Coming August 31

Originally Posted by Destroy View Post
To those that have the PC game, is this game better or worst both gameplay wise and graphics wise than Just Cause?
I haven't completed Just Cause, but I definitely find Mercs 2 to be a lot more fun. Graphics wise Mercs 2 is a lot more varied and it isn't blurred to hell with bloom. The character models in Mercs 2 are lightyears ahead of those in Just Cause.

Gameplay wise I definitely think Mercs 2 is better. There's more variety in vehicles and they control a bit better (they have really floaty acceleration in Just Cause but the cars in Mercs 2 feel a lot heavier), the aiming is much much better than Just Cause (although I've only tried the 360 version of Just Cause which had full auto targeting, I dunno if PC version also had that), and there's full coop support from start to finish. Coop alone makes it vastly superior.
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