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Originally Posted by towo| View Post
Don't blame Nvidia, blame Fedora!
This distro is using an X-Server-Version, which is not released yet.
Nope, sorry, I won't. The situation has been ridiculous, and now, it's just plainly frustrating. Fedora is a good distro, I use it daily on an obsolete computer with a nvidia 6200 (why ? because a decent computer is terrible thing to waste). But my processor lacks the infamous SSE instruction, so now I need the legacy driver, and nvidia is leaving me stucked.

It exactly proves the FOSS point : if you use a non-free part, however tiny, you'll somehow get caught in a "planned obsolescence" scheme, where you'll have to cash more money to just keep using an otherwise perfectly sane and working system.

As raw performance is not (obviously) my main concern, I take the opportunity to thank nvidia for that vivid first hand reminder of the reasons why I chose to go linux 10 years ago, to avoid exactly the same kind of consumer lock-in. And I shall take appropriate actions to become nvidia free real soon.
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