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Default Re: Which Crysis config do you prefer?

Sure, mster cuts back details on the little things that you don't really notice unless you start playing screenshot jockey and start nitpicking.

In all reality, I think the Mster config is the best because it gives a good FPS increase (I'm rocking 40 FPS benchmarks) and I don't visually say to myself during playing that it looks any worse than the high end visual configs. And I think we can all agree that that's the name of the game.

All other configs only give me 30fps at most during GPU benchmarks and after loading any of them then to EITHER mster config (as both performance and visual config files yield much higher FPS) I honestly see no negative impact on the visuals.

I've stared at the graphical details in crysis more hours than I can count and though I can see little things here and there once I stop to scrutinize the surroundings, during game play, between the high end graphical configs and either mster config, the only difference I notice is the extra 10 fps when using the mster config.

When you stop judging these mods from the pics and just load em up and play, that's when you'll come to a much more meaningful conclusion on which you like better.

one thing I do think everyone should get down on is the Rygel texture mod. It'll make any graphic config better.
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