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Default Re: Warhammer is a huge disappointment

Originally Posted by s064809 View Post
Honestly, I have never played any close-beta of Warhammer and I've been a WOW player all along. My MMORPG experience is extensive, from UO, Lineage2, Dragonraja, EQ 1 and 2, Star Wars Galaxy to WOW.

Personally, I think if a MMORPG is meant to be successful, there should be some factors like below:

1. The introductory session of the game like first several levels is very important. I can say EQ2 and WOW have done a very good job (esp. EQ2).

2. The graphics should be reasonably nice. WOW has poor graphics but the clever artist could make use of its "unique" style to cover up the poor polygons and textures. So far, style-wise, WOW has passed in terms of graphics while EQ 2 has got the best graphics among all MMORPGs albeit its insane hardware requirements (I think my current 280GTX PC still can't max all in EQ2 video option)

3. Fun

4. Enough population to sustain its "Mass" as in its category "MMORPG"

ok, in my humble newbabie opinion, I think Warhammer has got a very poor start. I don't know what I should do. What I know is to talk to some guys in the town and kill some monsters or talk to somebody so as to gain some exp. The whole process is boring and I don't feel I actually immense myself in that atmosphere. I've tried 2 sides and basically the feeling is more or less the same.

The graphics are very very poor. I can say it's even poorer than WOW when u judge the graphics holistically. It's even poorer than Guild War and AOC while it claims that it has been on development for several years. I can't believe that. The texture is so lame. The character is so detached from the surrounding environment. The spell looks so lame even though I am a 26 dark mage. The graphics are really lame. That's a huge disappointment.

Also it's not fun and well, that's my personal opinion.

The population of the game is great for now but I think it's gonna go down some months later.

I regret for spending 79.9 on a piece of ... disappointment.
First off the graphics are not worse than WoW. If you don't like the style of War graphics that fine.

The population right now on War is insane. 99% of every server is full.

The first thing you see when you spawn is a guy ready to give you a quest. Then you see on your mini map red patches where the quest activity is. How much more easy do you want this?

The game in PVE is a blast. I love the public quests. That was a brilliant stroke. The question is will there be enough people around later when you start rolling new toons to do the public quests.

With regards to the best graphics in any MMO it is Conan. Nothing comes close to touching it.

My biggest problem is it seems they spent all their time developing the Destruction side and ignored the Order side. This game is so unbalanced it ain't funny. The PVP at lvl 1-10 is complete garbage. If you are a lvl 10 with all the gear you cannot be killed and since everyone plays Destruction, they always win. And if you play a Chosen One, you win everything. That class is so over powered they make druids in WoW look like wusses.

The game is fun but I'm not sure how long the fun will last for me. Those who make predictions on the longevity of this game are simply silly. It is a solid game that will be around for a long time. The question is will they balance out the servers and the classes.
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