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Default Re: nvidia-settings crashes X

Originally Posted by SmSpillaz View Post
The problem lies here AFAIK:

Server 1.4
TryClientEvents (ClientPtr client, xEvent *pEvents, int count, Mask mask,
Mask filter, GrabPtr grab)

Server 1.5.99999
TryClientEvents (ClientPtr client, DeviceIntPtr dev, xEvent *pEvents,
int count, Mask mask, Mask filter, GrabPtr grab)

The problem is that there are a) Too few arguments for the function and b) DeviceIntPtr and xEvent aren't compatible with each other =)

NVIDIA's fix:

Use XQueryInputVersion (XI2_Major, XI2_Minor); to find out which function to call:

My fix:
I guess I could remove DeviceIntPtr from TryClientEvents and use the xEvent itself through a patch, not so sure how well that would work.
You're right, this probably is the problem. Changing the signature of TryClientEvents is a major ABI change and it should either be reverted, or the video driver ABI version number should be bumped to 5.0. Thanks for the heads-up.
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