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Default Re: Looks like my GTX260 needs to be RMA =(

that is mostly what I play but I also play COD4, and Crysis

but btw the problem started to happen again....=(

started to happen after I started to play Warhammer Beta this past weekend, so i pulled out the card reseated, but it did not fix it

I narrowed the problem to it bluescreen and rebooting after the temperature of the card would hit 73 degrees, every single time it hits that it would bluescreen

I have no idea why but that number was the magic number, it seems in warhammer it would take longer to get 73 so i can play longer but in crysis or Age of Conan it only takes about 2-3 minutes same thing with Furmark. So depending upon the game depends upon how long it would take for me to bluescreen.

I even updated my motherboard bios to latest version after it started to happen this weekend, i saw they came out with even a latest version but did nothing.

I give up, so I sent XFX more emails...watiing to hear from them I want a freaking RMA at this point

I tried calling them today becuase they take forever to answer emails, and I waited 15 minutes on the phone and it then puts me into voicemail saying they are too busy and to leave a message to call back

I tell you this their support sucks!!! I will never buy XFX again...I think next time I am getting BFG or EVGA

Last time I had a BFG 6800 card it had problems I called up support, they never gave me problems about an RMA, and had a card within a week. I should have got BFG again
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