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Default Re: Which Crysis config do you prefer?

I just tried Mster Config 3.01. Most aspects of day scenes are really good. But there's also some things I don't like. I'm gonna quote some forum users on Cry Mod because they state it perfectly:

Originally Posted by MWF
The only things I don't love about this config. are: The ocean looks weird with blue waves and total transparency; the TOD on the alien levels is supposed to be gloomy; and some of the fires had bad coloration.
Originally Posted by Shletten
Well I just played in almost every level, I've got to say that it's better. The colors are better, the sun intensity feels better, it's less white, the fog is better, overall I liked it more!

But in my opinion, the nightlighting is pretty ugly compared to daylighting! The clouds look to be in 8-Bit, the sky texture isn't realistic, the colors are too saturated for the overall scene etc. I can't agree with the author claiming it's the final version. Because the nightlighting is really sub-par to the excellent daylighting. It needs improvement...

The mod is just plain great, maybe even better than ¨Natural¨ but I can't do anything but dislike the nights.
IMO the config so much better if he would fix the nix and fix the water. Seriously it looks like this:

On the other hand it looks good in the distance:

Also I don't like the fact that there is no moon lightning or at least light shafts from the moon in Mster's config. That's simply too cheap, it's a must in night scenes.

Now for a few shots of CCC. I like nearly everything about CCC (and btw I get same performance in CCC lvl 6+TOD as I do with Mster 3.01) except the sunrise that is simply too red, the overall exaggerated sharpness of the image, though I like the colors. Except that too many scenes are looking too green in Crysis with CCC lvl6. For instance here is the water from the first level too green IMO (compare with Mster above):

All in all I'm still undecided, I was hoping that there would be a real almost flawless badass config out at this point, but it looks like I'm gonna have to go back and look at my own old 1.01 config and see how it compares..

Oh missing the pictures, I forgot that FRAPS was set to bmp and now the screens are too large to upload and I'm too lazy to compress them or take new ones.. oh well.
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