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Default Re: Warhammer is a huge disappointment

Originally Posted by Tr1cK View Post
I really want to try this game before I spend another $50. AoC still has me burnt from wasting $80 on it.
I HATED AoC but this game is just not the same. It has something in it that AoC didn't. Fun. It is not the best MMO I've played by you can enjoy this game.

Originally Posted by Ghosthunter View Post
I don't think it is a bad game, just don't see anything unique but I never got to see any PVP yet

How do you PVP? where do you PVP?
on the top left part of your mini map there is a dial button you click. It will bring up a pvp scenario. You don't need to go any where to get into these battle ground, how ever there are PVP zones in the game you can walk into that are not instanced like the one I described earlier.
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