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Default Weird Issues (?) With My New GTX 260

I just bought a BFG GTX 260 OC and after I installed the 177.41 drivers, my monitor started making a loud static noise (constant). I thought it was my HDMI cable and the card was trying to output sound (I don't know if that made any sense lol) so I switched to a DVI cable, and the problem still persisted. I was able to mute the sound on my monitor, but I'm still curious as to why this really strange bug (?) came up. But that's not all. I was going through the NVIDIA Control Panel and when I clicked the Start button on my taskbar, a weird figure came up and it was all distorted. It was like the start button got really big and then the image was twisted. I thought it was an artifact but my GPU hasn't gone over 40C. Then my computer got the BSOD. Now the static sound from my monitor is completely gone and there are no distorted Vista start buttons on my screen. I've been playing Mass Effect with no problems whatsoever and my temps are very cool.

Do I have a defective card that may brick on me in a couple weeks, or is this something common?

Responses appreciated.
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