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Default Re: Warhammer is a huge disappointment

Originally Posted by Dvahlish View Post
LOL Stubbing Very well said.....
I have found for "some" reason that the biggest critics of WAR have infact been diehard wow players......
It doesnt surprise me at all...and the attitude of many wow players is one of the reason I left that game in the furst place...a bunch of elitest wankers that could bear the thought for just one minute that there might be a gme released that might challenge thier beloved MMORPG....

If you love wow...thats the damn game but is there any need to flame every other MMORPG that comes into existence?
There can be more than onre good game out there ! *shock*

I think WAR is great and I think it will challenge Blizz...but so what?
I just hope that the wow players go down with thier sinking ship, but I bet most of them will end up playing WAR eventually anyway.
Exactly. I really like WoW but I want something new. Yeah War isn't completely innovative and what not but it is a solidly fun game. I don't understand how you can be beholden to a "game" that is insane to me. I will play any game made by anyone if it is fun.
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