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Default Re: Which Crysis config do you prefer?

Originally Posted by Gaco View Post
Ok the above post was a bit of a mess. What I mean is that I hate the water effect in Mster's config, the lack of moonlight shafts and in general the night scene, where CCC is way too sharp and a bit too color-filled/distorted as well, though many aspects of it looks pretty. For example the black/white and really dark night of CCC is really cool, perhaps making it a tad bit lighter would be perfect then. And Jmanrob's Extreme Quality config is pretty good but notably slower than CCC and Mster.

If only CCC would turn down the color/sharpness exaggeration a little bit and make the night a wee tad brighter.

If only Mster would fix his water, moon/night and give a bit of drawdistance.

If only Jmanrob would perform small tweaks to make it just a liiiitle bit more playable, and turn down the bloom effect just a little bit.

Then we'd have three excellent configs, one for each temper. But now I'm just not sure what I like the best
My config is pretty well optimized considering the view distances and amount of detail level, just look at the cmds...I use only highest settings. The extreme version gets better fps than ccc lvl-6.

I agree with all what you said, on the other configs with custom tod's. I like the water effects of ccc's tod, but their lighting is just to exaggerated. I tried my config with their tod it enhances the water quality even futher, just can't deal with that yellow tint.

Im thinking of making a custom tod only to acheive subtle lighting changes and enhanced water effects.
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