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Default Re: Which Crysis config do you prefer?

Originally Posted by Gaco View Post
The bottom one, Extreme Config, all the vegetation on the mountain looks way too bright and bland, too indistinguishable from eachother, doesn't look like anything I've seen from other Extreme screenshots either.

On the other hand the top picture is too messy with the colors, although the real drawbacks of this approach CCC takes looks much worse in other scenes - for example in the chasing scene immediately following the end of level one where the demo ended.

In any case I don't think it'd help me spending anymore time just reading forums, the choice is clearly between Extreme config and Mster's config now, I just have to play around some more with both.. and in any case I'm surely gonna use rygel's texture mod!
The reason why it looks brighter is because of the cmd "r_HDRBrightOffset" is 6 in my personal config, the Crymod config i think its set to 8 or 10 which is less hdr.

Thanks for your constructive criticism Gaco, im always looking for ways to improve things.

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