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Default Re: Warhammer is a huge disappointment

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
You kids still going for the fanboism card anytime someone says something you don't like to hear eh? two games that had a real chance at becoming real popular came and went. One had a major movie liscense going for it, the other had a rather unique world and a noticable graphics upgrade as well as nudity, and still failed. This game has nothing special going for it besides being based on a world only nerds know about (seriously, most GAMERS don't know what warhammer is). I seriously doubt its going to have any better success.
WTF are you talking about? Some of the most successful franchises were created from scratch... UO, EQ are 2. I hope you're not referring to AoC. That game caters to the crowd that think graphics = gameplay. It's probably the most shallow online game I've ever played.

The current best 2 MMOs are WoW and LOTRO and one is based off a movie-book. WAR is going to be insanely popular because it copies both of those and is PvP-centric unlike AoCs "PvP" ROFL! There is a winning formula with general game mechanics that WoW, LOTRO, and WAR all use. They are based on gameplay, either PvE or PvP, not graphics.
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