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Default Re: Warhammer is a huge disappointment

Warhammer has been okay so far. The biggest improvement they've made over WOW is making it more solo friendly. You don't need to be in an uber-guild to do a public quest or find an open group to join. It's the whole "alone together" idea of playing a solo game surrounded by thousands of other players. You just do your own thing and kinda fall into group play. I'm only level 7, but I haven't come across any Raid instances that require 40 organized players and a week of preparation in order to see game content and rewards. You can play WAR as a game, not a job. Maybe that's not for some people, but personally I love it.

The game could use some more polish, and the beta is full of bugs. But I like it so far. I'll give it a go, but I don't wanna throw away 2 years of my life like I did with WOW.

I've been playing WAR and SPORE this week, and I've been having more fun with SPORE.
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