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I'm sure many of you recall this post I made a couple days pondering the following statement made on Epox's nForce2 page :
Realtek ALC650 6-channel full-duplex integrated sound, with NForce Dolby level decode
I was wondering about that, and a couple of our readers have as well. The following are some of the responses I received.

1) This comes from EPoX Tech from here

No southbridge alone is capable of outputting audio. It needs a codec QFP to decode and reroute signalling back and forth to audio ports, southbridge, northbridge and CPU in turn.

In the case of 8K3A+, the Realtek chip decodes the VIA8233A's audio stream and routes it to the audio connectors.

In the case of the 8RxA+, the MCP-T's dolby quality data stream is decoded and re-routed to necessary areas by the ALC650. This does not mean in any way that the audio will be the same as the 8K3A+.

The audio will be superlative in every way and even better than solutions offered by so called gaming card manufacturers whom sell many audio cards to many many people that many exhibit latency flaws.

This really is exceptional audio that will provide for both Gaming and Home Entertainment the very best.
Thanks fto Mike T. for the link.

2) The following exchange is from Eric T and EPoX tech support:
Why have you included an external sound chip since nFocre has it's own sound?

RE: [EPox] The ALC650 sound is turned into Dolby using the Nforce chipset.

RE: [Eric]This still does not clear it up. The nForce chipset handles all it's own sound with Dolby 5.1 on it's own. Why have you increased the cost of the board by adding another sound chip. What are the benefits that are not included in the nForce chipset itself?

RE: [EPox]The ALC650 CODEC is provided for Digital to Analog conversion of the Nvidia Dolby signal. The codec must be included.

In other words, epox confirmed that the Dolby 5.1 output is routed through the Realtek chip to it individual 6 speaker outputs.

3) And lastly this comes from long time nV news reader Daffy:
About the "Realtek ALC650 6-channel full-duplex integrated sound" : I never read this anywhere, but I have an MSI K7N420 PRO nForce mobo and made some discoveries while studying it out of the case. It has a couple of analog devices AC 97 codec chips, and after looking at their data sheets I have come to believe that they are the actual sound "card", and what is located in the MCP is no more than a dolby digital encoder. This EPoX posting basically says to me that they are using a new vendor for the sound "card" but the encoder is the same. "Dolby level decode" is either a typo and should be encode, or its simply stating functionality akin to the sb live 5.1 cards... a decoder that only works when watching dvd's or another ac-3 data source (and converts the sound to 6 channels of analog sound). Either way, I don't think the audio functionality of the nForce2 varies from the original nForce except maybe the vendor of the sound processing chipsm which probably have similar specs anyways.
This sure has brought new information to the specific of the nForce sound process. Thanks to our awesome readers for hunting down this info. U guys rule!

So what do all of you guys think of this?
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