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Default Re: Intel X-25 SSD drives, WOW!!!

Originally Posted by jolle View Post
I see alot of people discounting the 32gb drives, but wouldnt that be a pretty sweet spot for a OS install? Vista mainly, XP dont take up that much space really..
And with some space to spare for all that clutter that tends to build up..

Then a larger one for games and apps, and "static" storage stuff on a HD.
That is always a possibility. The biggest issue that I have with a setup like that is you constantly have to change working directories whenever you install a program, and if you save something to your desktop or your documents you have to copy the files to other drives which takes a lot longer have just moving a file. The other issue is cable management because it increase the number of devices that you have to install and plug in to your pc.

For me I'd like to have 2 x 64GB in a RAID 0 array, so I can have everything on one logical drive letter and still have speed.
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