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Default Re: Warhammer is a huge disappointment

Originally Posted by Slybri View Post
Warhammer has been okay so far. The biggest improvement they've made over WOW is making it more solo friendly. You don't need to be in an uber-guild to do a public quest or find an open group to join. It's the whole "alone together" idea of playing a solo game surrounded by thousands of other players. You just do your own thing and kinda fall into group play. I'm only level 7, but I haven't come across any Raid instances that require 40 organized players and a week of preparation in order to see game content and rewards. You can play WAR as a game, not a job. Maybe that's not for some people, but personally I love it.

The game could use some more polish, and the beta is full of bugs. But I like it so far. I'll give it a go, but I don't wanna throw away 2 years of my life like I did with WOW.

I've been playing WAR and SPORE this week, and I've been having more fun with SPORE.
Leveling in Wow has never been easier. A patch a while back made you gain 15% more exp from kills, quests, and made each level req for a good chunks of levels 15% less. Along with the buddy system they set up (300% exp from kills, quests? and you get 1 level for every 3 your friend gets) I bet leveling will be cake. I bet if you played enough in a week and i'm not saying 24/7, you can get to 60. As for a job, you make it a job, or you make it a game, that's how i've see it.
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