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Default Re: Weird Issues (?) With My New GTX 260

Originally Posted by arcticblue View Post
Just Regsitered...I have the Same Exact problem...I just picked up a GTX 260 OCE (BFG) and after the install I installed the latest drivers...Now I have a popping sound and the sound is coming out completely messed up from my Creative X-fi...I tried uninstalling the X-fi drivers and no luck...

I just disabled the X-fi in the Drivers section and am using the onboard Realtek HD of my P5N-D board....anyone have any ideas on a fix??
I'm guessing the drivers don't like your Xi-Fi drivers. I don't use an add-on sound card (I have USB stereo speakers), so I couldn't really give you a fix.

Anyways, I think I solved my problem. I uninstalled my monitor drivers and Driver Sweeped the Forceware drivers (177.41), plugged in my old LCD and installed Forceware. Then I unplugged my old LCD and plugged in my main LCD, and now it is working fine. I know this because before, even when it wasn't making the noise, I could still faintly hear some noise coming from the speakers, but now my monitor is completely quiet.
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