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Default Re: 10de:0849 "nv" driver support?

Originally Posted by Thunderbird View Post
If it is just based on the geforce8/9 architecture I think you can safely add it. Xv support isn't available and render support in the open source driver is limited. For best performance really install the closed source nvidia drivers.
I'd like to use the nvidia drivers...but....
Xinerama sucks, can't dynamically change resolutions
Apps don't seem to work with Twinview right, like mplayer scales across both monitors
Was gonna try out xrandr 1.2 to see if it's any better

The current beta and stable binary nvidia drivers don't work well with my card, if I VT switch too much the system will hardlock, but that's not that annoying. What's annoying is how bad xrender is performing, I watch a line redraw my screen when I scroll firefox. Also, the screen flickers black constantly.

I posted a bug report and thread...

Every nvidia card I've purchased, I end up with something that doesn't work right for 6 mos to a year, after that it's stable, but it's time to upgrade to another video card that won't work right for 6-12 months.

All I really need on this card are XV and Render working....

It's funny, I've been reading up on nouveau, looking at the source, and working with the devs on getting my card working. We ALMOST have it working right, we'll probably have it working sooner in this reverse engineered driver than in NV or Nvidia.

XOrg has it's flavor of the month with acceleration architectures....EXA..XAA...DRI2 being dropped...GEM being the new driver arch...modesetting moving to the kernel...XDamage, Composite, both relatively new, how can anything BUT an open source driver keep up? Everything's becoming more and more modular in an effort to make driver writing simpler.

Nvidia is going to end up with this massive blob of code that's impossible to debug, with everything rolled up in one package, ATI's got AtomBios which at least makes mode setting and initialization cake across the board.

I bet that's why we're seeing so many issues lately, as more and more nvidia cards come out. Things could be separated, but they arn't. Blah.
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