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Default Re: Which Crysis config do you prefer?

Here's some compares I did today.

Im using vanilla very high as a reference point here. Circled in the vanilla pic are key points
where the configs differ the most. There are many more differences, and I mean many more on later levels. None are perfect by far, many have glitches and graphical artifacts, some even fix these things.

Vanilla Very High

I picked this scenery for its broadview, circled are changes of mountain detail,
water reflections, objects on catwalk, shadows etc.

These comapre shots are at the same postion and same TOD.

Hp's config:

Extreme config:

CCC 2.21 lvl 6:

xconfig highest lvl:

Mster Quality setting:
Q6700, 8800gtx sli, 2x150 WD-Raptors

Extreme Quality Mod
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