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Default Trying to build kmod-nvidia on custom kernel

Hello everybody,

I've built a custom kernel which I applied some patches to, now I want to build the RPM of kmod nvidia that suits this custom kernel, I downloaded the nvidia-kmod source from Livna repo and then tried to build it against my custom kernel (using the command: rpmbuild -ba --target i686 kmod-nvidia.spec), however it doesn't work and it pops an error saying: "unable to determine the target kernel version", I looked at the files: kerneldevpkgs-{current, newest}, and they both hold the name of my kernel with its version (uname -r output), the source folder is found in /usr/src/kernels/<my-custom-kernel-src>, I'm really confused with this problem as it seems it doesn't even detect the sourcetree of my kernel, because even when write anything in the files kerneldevpkgs-{current, newest} I get the same error.

For my Fedora kernel I could build it without troubles though.

Any hints would be appreciated.
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