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Default Re: Warhammer is a huge disappointment

I've allways liked the eq1 world...I mean it could be because it was my first mmo and so things grew on to me (Never forget my first noob dungion, black borrow, my first non-home city I traveled to..ect), and playing the end game, the gods allways interested me..why are they here and why are we killing them.. who is quarm..ect. And this was a game were quest pretty much sucked, you only did them to get items you knew about before you started the quest.

I don't doubt eq2 has more of the same story wise (Dude... lucan is an exploded fireball in the sky.. how fn awesome is that?), but its engine is too stiff and non organic, its gameplay is more old then new, and because of this the game didn't get a good large player base from the start resulting in the cut down live team it has now and thus, very little in the way of new material updates.
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